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Itechdroid LLC is an individual Technical support provider for Computer Repair And Other IT Development Work. We also provide support for Third party products but the BRANDS, LOGO TRADEMARKS, IMAGES or Other services of third party mentioned are just for the reference and to fulfill the customer’s Information.

Email Help and Support

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Email is the time saver.  In a matter of minutes you can send a message any where in the world and within minutes receive an answer back.  However, like any other mechanical device it does develop problems. 

Itechdroid fixes all sorts of those problems.  Problems such as opening an email which contains a virus, losing the address of an important individual, or acquiring a cliche in your service.  Situations such as this can be corrected by Asteroid in a matter of minutes,  Now if you have a problem like not knowing  how to set up an POP3/IMAP account.  How to back up some emails?  Or maybe you just need some tips on how to set up certain functions. 

Advice on utilizing scanners, printers, and other such devices to work with your email.  When you give Itechdroid a call we can hook up with your computer, scan for you problem, fix your issues and make sure your situation has been alleviated.  If your problem was not found you owe us nothing.  To be honest I must tell you that the chances of that are extremely rare.

Emails: Good or Bad?
Perhaps you have heard it said: “Before you open an email it is best to scan it with your antivirus software”. I’d like to say that I agree with that advice but in reality I do not. Scanning emails are not effective and can cause more harm for your computer or technical device than not scanning the file at all. After all, it’s just a file, like any other file on your computer and your anti virus software will pick it up if it is an actual malicious threat. So, if you want to protect your computer from an emails you might think could be harmful then copy it down and then run it in a browser. Nothing will be compromised and you will know whether this file is a good file or an evil file. Whatever you do don’t activate it while it is in your email because this is when your problems will begin. That is also when you will need someone like Intechdroid LLC to correct your situation. It is extremely necessary for you to have a dependable Anti virus software program to catch any detrimental file that may have been created to cause havoc with the success of your company. Email is for communication which means anti virus software programs are for detecting, analyzing, and eliminating unwanted invaders. Itechdroid LLC Technicians are for helping your company correct the problems, such as, viruses, breakdowns, and unexpected events that you are unable to fix on your own. If we can’t help you correct your problem then there is no charge.